Monday, April 18, 2005

Please refrain from licking the house.

So, we had our home tested for lead last week. The interior is okay; there's lead a few layers down especially on windows, etc. But the exterior is LEAD PAINT!!! I knew there was a reason I hadn't gotten out to start on the yard. So it is looking like we will be looking into encasement options and when the full report comes back, we will know more about our options as far as landscaping are concerned.


Blogger Tracey said...

Thanks for the comment...I didn't find an actual email to respond to so I figured I'd post another comment. Yikes about the lead. I'm thankful for having a newer house which I know doesn't contain lead. However, with that new house I have no landscaping, no deck, crappy grading, and field grass and weeds instead of green grass. Not too user friendly for a two year old, but at least the park isn't too far away...and of course, there's no lead. Potty training is pretty much accomplished...a few accidents at night, but that's to be expected. The challenge comes with the outings. And getting to a potty in time. WAIT FOR THE SIGNS and when you see them, start using the potty, soon thereafter, GET RID OF THE DIAPERS...that's the trick. Best of luck to you.

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