Saturday, June 11, 2005


Or play in the yard, for that matter! The lead levels on the exterior and in the soil are roughly 4oo times the safe level. Thank the powers that be for the grant money that is going to dig up the top foot and a half of our yard and put new siding on our house!
I finished the scarf for my mom that I bought the yarn for oh, in October. I had all these grand schemes of designing an illusion pattern of tumbling hats (it's for her to wear to Red Hat Society gatherings) but ended up doing a short row pattern in two colors. The girls like it. They point and say "PUh-poh" and "reh" and "Nana." They now have names for everyone except my mother in law. Yikes!
In other news, there is a bird couple who decided to build their nest in the middle of my hanging flowers on my porch. They've even laid an egg. Maybe it'll be twins! Heh heh. I've found that if I make a BIG DEAL of coming out to water the plants, the mama flies off so that I can carefully water the edge of the hanging plant so as not to flood her nest and, no harm done! I'm lucky they're not robins! Of course, eggling hasn't hatched yet.


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