Friday, August 26, 2005

A Few FO's

But first a WIP that's going nowhere fast. Variation on a Frill, from Knitty. It currently resides in a baggie after its second visit from the frog fairy. Lace with 2 two year olds can be a challenge!

Zoe and Ilsa helping with my shapely tank (why Ilsa thinks she needs a cable needle for this is beyond me!)

This is one of the socks I made for my MIL as a gift last Christmas. She loves loons, and when I saw the pattern in Knitting on the Road, I knew they would be just right for her. It was my first attempt at fair isle and only the second pair of socks I had ever made, but I'm pretty pleased with how they came out!
The hat (which for some reason is almost lifesize) is an adaptation of Shedir from last fall's special Knitty issue. I downsized it seriously and made two for a friend who was expecting twins. She was scheduled to deliver early, and I remembered how when my girls were tiny, I had wished they had more special things to wear, so I made the hats and two tiny Daisy cardigans to match (another great Knitty pattern) I just figured I'd put these out there for what it's worth.


Blogger Ruth said...

Very nice work ... I just got "Knitting on the Road", too, and have plans to knit the sock you made.

6:56 AM  

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