Sunday, August 28, 2005

Get the lead out! The saga continues...

Finally, we have the requisite 3 bids on the siding for the house. The last company was a real piece of work. The guy showed up unannounced, never returned any calls, and the one time he did call to say he'd be stopping by with the bid (after hounding him for three weeks), he gave me a 24 hour window of when he'd show up, and he didn't even show! Then, when we finally get the bid, it is for a different product than what we had requested with no explanation as to why! After talking it over with the project manager from the health dept. we decided to go with the next to lowest bid (since, of course, Mr. NoPhone came in WAAAY under the other two. Comparable product? I think not!). We're hoping to get the siding up by the end of September now. The yard is another story. So far, no one wants to do it. What a shocker. So, as things stand, the girls may be able to play out in the yard by the time they're 3. I'm not holding my breath.

In knitting news, I am seaming up a new sweater for DH. Baseball from the summer "man" issue of Knitty, except he felt the contrasting sleeves were a bit, well, feminine, so it is all one color. While I'm at it, I will bite the bullet and block and seam the Rogue I made for myself as a B-day present. It has been patiently waiting in my pile of UFO's and stash. I'll post pix when they're done, but be forewarned of DH's modeling skills. Here is a photo of him in the first sweater I made him (also my first ever finished sweater) He was so impressed that the thing had POCKETS that he couldn't keep his hands out of them! He calls it his Richard Burton sweater. At any rate, I'll try to get a more natural pose out of him someday!


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