Friday, September 09, 2005

A Little Too Little, Too Late!

Mr. Brown is stepping down. Not as head of FEMA, no. He's been "relieved" of overseeing Katrina relief efforts. Apparently, he's done such a hell of a job that he needs a little break. So it's off to the dog and the wife and some margarita's. I bet the thousands of displaced people he's been, um, helping so much? Is that what we're supposed to believe has been happening? Well, I bet they feel great that he can now publicly turn his back on the situation, if only for a day. This administration is full of morons (I'm sorry, am I playing "The Blame Game?"). There are just no words.


Blogger Jumbo said...

Katrina concert everywhere tonight. Well, almost everywhere.
The second major televised fundraising telethon for Katrina Vicitms, Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast, airs tonight for a one hour simulcast this evening at 8-9p. The broadcast will have ...
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