Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tink... Tink... Tink... Thunk!

Zigzag is now back on track after suffering a tragically misplaced yarnover which went unnoticed for two rounds. I spent the greater part of Sunday while the girls were sleeping carefully working back to the error with eyes that swear they are more than a mere 31 years of age. White yarn, grey needles, and arms that are much too short at times for my presbiopia. Time for new glasses, I guess.
I am getting dangerously close to finishing the skein of yarn I am using for this sweater. This would not be a big deal were it not for the dearth of yarn sources in Pueblo. There are two retailers who carry yarn, and one of them, the only one that carries what I will need to continue this project, WILL NOT get my money. Why, you ask? I refuse to support a company that is vehemently anti-union and shovels millions into destroying public education while making a big deal of their piddly "Teacher of the Year" award. Yes, Wal-Mart, I hate you. I really really do.


Blogger Skiptastic said...

Interesting article online about Wal-Mart's new attempt to "discourage unhealty people from applying for jobs" by making every job include some manual labor. Because Lord knows that people who are unhealthy don't need jobs or insurance! They'll get theirs in the end. I believe that, I really do. Bastards.

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