Thursday, October 06, 2005


My poor little apple tree is. Here it is, October and the thing has decided to come out of its summer long dormancy. Lucky it lives in my kitchen, because it actually feels like fall today. In hope of fall arriving, I have started making Josephine from the fall Knitty. I just finished the back, and thar she blows! Don't you just love the creaminess of the cheap as free yarn? She is being salvaged from an "afghan" I made back in the days of the hats the size of Rhode Island. I say "afghan" because it had nowhere near the correct proportions. I just crammed as many stitches as I could on a circular and feather and fanned my way along. It lay (still on the needles, mind you) in my stash until last fall when I decided to cast off and see just how big it was. 8' 4" WIDE x 4' 6" long! Not usable for anyone, really, so I frogged it and am now using the yarn for Josephine.


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Although I am incapable of commenting w/ any sort of knowledge on the finer points of knitting, I will post a comment here for the sake of my friend Liza. She can always be counted on to make her presence known on my own blog, so I will take a moment to let her know I do read her stuff. Unfortunately, knitting is not my strong suit for conversation. But, I am here...somewhere...always around...

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