Sunday, October 23, 2005

Seaming and siding and zombies, oh my!

So, it has been awhile since my last post. The siding is FINALLY going up, so I can start planning the "Please feel free to LICK MY HOUSE" party. Don't you all want to come? Or maybe I should wait until the yard is de-leaded so we can all roll around in the yard and take turns licking the house.

In knitting news, I am in the midst of a finishing frenzy and many AFO's (almost finished objects) are getting seamed up and put on bodies. I finished Josephine. Yes, I know the picture is horrible, but, hey, the girls can't use the camera yet.

I also finished the sweater for DH that I started in July, the knitting was done by the end of August, I'm just too darn lazy about seaming unless I get on a roll, then I wonder what took me so long. In the seaming queue are Zoe's Haiku and my Rogue. I'll post pics when they are done deals.

And now, for my dear friend Michael, who, though he don't know much 'bout all this knittin' still reads my blog... Zombies! Enjoy, Michael! If I knew how to get the pattern, Nurse Zombie would appear at your door, all wooly and hungry for brains!

Did I mention I know Chicago's next Traffic Girl? I do, indeed, and you should see him freestyle!


Blogger said...

Those are THE funniest, cutest things I have ever seen! I will be looking to order those soon! It was WONDERFUL to talk to you the other night. I have not heard back about my new "possible" job, so chances are I was not chosen as a finalist. dreams of being a traffic girl, flying high over the Windy City, are forever dashed. Pooh!

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