Monday, November 07, 2005

Mr. Ed? Your slippers are ready!

Sometimes, I do things that just make me feel, well, stupid, for lack of a better word. Last winter, I made myself a pair of Fuzzy Feet. No, this is not the stupid part. They turned out well, and kept my chronically frozen feet warm, as intended. They just didn't seem to be as thick as I had expected. Well, I decided to make DH a pair last week. I checked my gauge (hadn't bothered last time). "A-hah!" I thought to myself, "Herein lies the problem. You were knitting too tight for your slippers, and that is why they did not turn out as thick." When I say I checked my gauge, I should really clarify and tell you that I checked my sts/in. I didn't bother with the rows/in. because, I was thinking, "It doesn't really matter." Unless you are going to felt the thing you are knitting, that is! So, my rows/in. was, well, way off. Undaunted, I threw the slippers into the wash. They came out with the correct circumferential dimensions for an adult, but the length of a small child's foot. Know of any horses with cold hooves? Just two of the four hooves, mind you, since I don't have any more wool at the moment to make a set of four! All DH could say when I showed him the fulled mess that was supposed to be his comfy slippers was, "Oh, no! Did they accidentally get sent through the washer?" Dear man, he tries, but the whole knitting thing is still very much a mystery to him. (But, hey, at least he knows wool doesn't usually go into the machine and has a vague idea of why, so he's a few steps ahead of many!)

So, for all the disaster and hilarity, I still love the pattern and am making another pair (this time I checked both sts/in and rows/in) for myself, since last year's have worn out. I'll still make DH a pair, but I don't think he'd care for the color (eggplant).


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What's wrong with eggplant? Picky picky... Where's my nurse? :)

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