Monday, December 05, 2005


So, when we moved into the house last fall, we blocked the stairs off with a baby gate. We soon found that there was no need, as the girls did not have the slightest interest in climbing the stairs. Life went blissfully on. Until Saturday. Saturday, the siren song of the stairs became all too powerful for Zoe. She repeatedly crept oh, so silently up the stairs only to bellow from the top, "B'wight back! I get my wobe an swippers!" Never mind the repeated warnings to stay off the stairs unless Mommy or Daddy are watching you. Never mind the fact that the robe and slippers you seek do not exist. Climb on, Zoe! Climb on!

So, the baby gate has been resurrected. I know, I know, the kids are almost 3 and should be able to climb the stairs, but there is a rather tricksy turn near the top where they have nothing to hold onto, and I worry. I'm their mom, it's in my job description. Zoe has repeatedly informed me that this baby gate is getting in her way, and should be removed post haste. We'll see, baby. We'll see.


Blogger Skiptastic said...

Who in their lives wears a robe and slippers? Are you reading to them from Hugh Hefner's biography again?

10:21 PM  

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