Monday, December 12, 2005

"Da Notorious I.V." Back with a vengeance

So, my BIL has this ivy. Let me explain. This plant was formerly owned by my MIL, who has a notorious black thumb. It was rescued by my BIL years ago, and has become a behemouth of mythic proportions. It is, in short, The Coveted Ivy (this should always be uttered in a conspiratorial, reverent whisper). Anyone who has ever had an ivy tragedy (ie. spider mites, scale, and any number of other nasties that attack as if from nowhere), knows what I mean here. This plant is bigger than your head, and it is a thing of beauty.

Last year, right before leaving for Germany for a year, BIL entrusted me with The Coveted Ivy. We got along swimmingly, and I dare say, she actually grew more lush and happy in my kitchen. (Say what you will about this house, the kitchen has great light!) I was very sad to see her go, but go she did, once her rightful caretakers returned to the states. I did manage to kidnap a cutting, which is thriving, but a mere shadow of her mama.

Saturday afternoon, what was presented to me for my care and consideration? Yup, The Coveted Ivy! Seems she just hasn't been happy back home. We sat down together today and pruned back all the dead stuff, and she's looking a bit bedraggled, but I think she'll pull through. I know we'll have to part ways again in time, but it's nice to have her hanging around my kitchen again.


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