Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tragically un-hip (hop)

So, due to the total lack of anything worthwhile being on TV last night, combined with my total addiction to the TV, I was watching VH1's best videos of 2005. I will never claim to be "with it" as far a pop culture is concerned. In fact, just last year one of my best friends and I were driving around and she was talking about music and, sadly, I had no clue what she was talking about! I'd never heard of the bands, the songs, zipp-o. I'm, frankly, more of an NPR kinda gal. So, it should come as no surprise that I had no idea that R. Kelley's Trapped in the Closet existed. My question is, why didn't anyone tell me? I laughed so very very hard. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before the airing of all 13 chapters, but, WOW, it's like a crazy drunken ramble with videos!!! Okay. Just had to share.

The new Knitty is up. There are loads of new patterns; unfortunately, due to my tragic lack of hip, there are but a handfull that will find their way to my needles. After all, with all my (momentarily invisible) WIPs, I have no business casting on for anything else! (Although, I really want to make a pair of Pomatomus for my mom.) Maybe they can be a Mother's Day giftie. Although, she likes knitting socks so much it might read as more of a slap in the face. Maybe I'll get her the yarn and wrap it up with the pattern. We'll see.

T- 13 days until we load up the family truckster and hit the highway to heaven (Minnesota)! YAY!


Anonymous Kim P. said...

I saw that R. Kelly video too and I couldn't stop laughing. It was so unbelievably stupid! I did not know there were chapters. I just saw the one where he is hiding in the closet and then comes busting out with his gun. I can't remeber the last time I saw something so moronic!

6:33 AM  
Blogger said...

So you're heading back to Meenesota? Tis the season to be travelling, fa la la la la. We are also going to get away from it all for a while. Should be nice. I feel so cooped up in my home. I am sure you can understand. Have a super and safe trip.

11:52 AM  

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