Wednesday, January 18, 2006

All the Gory Details...

I've had some (okay, one) request for where to find the pattern for the "Clown Barf" bag (aka: Small Entrelac Bag, but that just sounds so... ordinary). So, here are the details: Small Entrelac Bag: Theresa Gaffey Designs #99 published by Erasmus Press, 1371 Albany Ave., St. Paul, MN 55108. I bought the pattern on my recent MN trip, so I don't know if it is widely distributed. I would write the company and ask if they could send a copy. The pattern is well written, and the only error I found was in the gauge, where they listed sts/in. but labeled it as sts/4in. (NO ONE should be able to achieve 5sts*7rows=4in on size 8s with worsted weight yarn! Also, at that gauge, this would be one behemouth of a bag! Small Entrelac Bag, indeed!) Well, I hope this helps all you aspiring Clown Barfers out there! (You know who you are!)

And, hey! I made a button! It's hanging out in the sidebar under the Sockamonthalong button. Grab one, why don'cha? Just leave yer mitts off my bandwidth!


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