Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Little Song, a Little Dance

A little seltzer down your pants!

I find I'm developing a close personal relationship with the tech assistance people at Kodak. They are very nice, but have yet to resolve my photo problems. But here are a few I managed to squeeze out of the camera by sheer force of will...
This is one of the eggplant Fuzzy Feet I made for myself. The lighting is bad, but the cuffs are green with the foot in a nice, deep, eggplant color. I made them out of Lopi, and it's a rare day that they aren't found on my feet.

This is one of the infamous Mr. Ed slippers. I slipped it over a bottle of wine to illustrate just how much it was not even vaguely reminiscent of a human foot. Not my finest hour, pulling those out of the machine, let me tell you. Their final fate is TBD, perhaps I will make them into puppets for the girls.

This last one is me and my grandma with the girls on X-Mas eve. Lest you think I'm just showing off my kids, if you squint really hard you will see that I'm wearing Rogue. (Yeah, I'm just showing off my kids, you're right)

In other news, my phone died and we went in to get it fixed 24 hours before the warranty expired! Hello, free upgrade! For those of you who do not see the timing of this incident as sheer luck, you really haven't the foggiest just how disorganized I really am, do you?

At any rate, with any further luck, you will soon see photos of the completed "Clown Barf" bag and other lovely stuff (a Kiri in progress, perhaps?)


Blogger mamma said...

Your girls are very cute. I'm guilty of shamelessly posting pictures of my children just because I think their cute.

Looking forward to seeing the clown barf. (what an odd sentence)

6:16 PM  
Blogger MBT said...

For the record, you can cut and sew felted wool and it doesn't ravel, so if you really don't know a horse who wants the Mr. Ed FFs, you might try snipping a wedge out of the front and sewing the edges back together.

Or a puppet works too!

LOVE the clown barf!

10:07 AM  

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