Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Givin' the People What They Want

So, Skippy keeps reminding me that my camera has a timer, and it seems people wanted to see the fabulous Miss Kiri on a human body (or maybe just wanted to put a face on the Bitter Knitter, who knows?) So, the kids are napping, the light is okay, and the entertainment center is as good a tripod as anything else in this house, so here goes!
Note that I even put on a dress for you all! (Skippy can attest to the rarity of this occurance)When is the camera going to go off? This is my half-assed tribute to Oprah in the late 80's (remember the scarves?) but I couldn't find a nice wide belt to cinch it with.
Doesn't everyone pin their projects up in the window like some weird, lacy bat? (I know I do!)
A nice, backlit detail of the lace.

For those of you who tuned in to Fashion Police: Special Libraries Edition, you will no doubt have noted the absence of myself and the girls. Sadly, we had to let the DH have the car. Conferences this evening and all that, which means more babysitting tonight. I hope I have the energy to stay up and watch this week's Project Runway.

Speaking of Project Runway, can anyone please stop Heidi Klum from saying, "Models, this is also a competition for you as well."? It's redundant. In fact, just now, it hurt my hand a little to type it out. I know, English isn't her first language, I should cut her some slack, but it bugs me. A lot. Am I the only one?


Blogger Skiptastic said...

Well, I haven't worn a dress in about 2 years so the rarity is gettin' around. I KNOW! She's making me nuts with that. And it's not only redundant, but please, does anyone really care about the models? Really? Do we tune in to see their backstabbing bitchy ways? No, no we don't. I love love love the Kiri and it is gorgeous. I know I keep saying that, but it really is.

1:43 PM  
Blogger candsmom said...

Lisa, your Kiri is STUNNING!! You look so beautiful in it, too. And do you mean to tell me that some people *don't* do the weird, lacy bat thing?! I always do the splayed Hannibal Lecter carcass pose for good measure. ;-) Really, your Kiri is gorgeous- looking at yours, I'm kind of wishing I had added the last repeat to give it the extra length and width that yours has. Awesome job, I LOVE it! Take care! :-)

1:56 PM  
Blogger mamma said...

Your Kiri is amazing. You look great too. I love putting faces with the blogs. You did a great job.

5:49 AM  
Blogger Pyewacket said...

What a beautiful piece of work. I'm very impressed.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Iris said...


That is just gorgeous. You've inspired me to start a lacy project. ^^

4:56 PM  
Blogger knittinmom said...

Oh. My. God. You crack me up. And you brought me right back w/ that comment about the scarves and the big belts. What were they thinking?

The thing that bugs me about Heidi Klum is her bizarre complexion. She looks like she's made out of orange clay. She needs to lay off the self-tanner & botox!

6:10 PM  

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