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First, let me just say Thank You to those of you who left such supportive and kind comments for my last post. It really meant a lot to me. So, thanks. I'm still working out of the funk, but my mom and sister are coming out for a visit in 2 weeks, and that will help my mood tremendously, I'm sure. That, and I'll be turning 32-riffic soon, which is better than plain old 31-derful, right? RIGHT?? Anyway, on to the knitting!!

They are done. Lest you think I am just posting another photo of sock #1 and claiming "No, really! It's the OTHER one! I swear!" Here they are together:

Pomatomus, from Knitty. All in all, these were a fun knit, until I got all full of myself and stopped referencing the chart on the instep of sock #2 and had to tink back 6 or 7 rows because I had skipped a YO. The yarn, Sock Memories Carnival from Knitpicks, was a dream compared to what I used for my last pair. This was my first attempt at knitting socks on two circs, and, I must admit, I really liked it. It was also my trial run with Susan Bates Silverados (poor man's Slicky-Clickies). I was pretty impressed. They are pretty slick and not too blunt. I can't really speak to cord flexibility, as they were only 16", but they were pretty nice to work with. These are my March socks for the Sockamonthalong, and I think next up will be Dalarnas from Knitting on the Road. The DH's great grandfather came over to the US from Dalarna, so it only seems fitting I should make the socks, right?

Speaking of the DH, he is shaving his head tomorrow in support of the coworker I knit Shedir for. Never seen him bald. Should be interesting. Also, negotiations are not going as well as they could, so the Stickin' it to the Man socks will, sadly, get some wear. I also have orders for 2 more pair for other members of the team. They want me to name a price. UGH! Any ideas out there? I'm figuring $14 in materials per pair, but then, how much for my time? (No one can really afford my time, when it comes down to it, but how much for my skill, I guess?) I'm really horrible about this kind of thing. I never can answer the "How much would you charge?" question. So, how much would you charge?


Blogger candsmom said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better and that your family will be visiting you! I love spending time with my family, too. Your Pomatomus socks are GORGEOUS!! I love the way that Sock Memories Carnival knitted up!! Very vibrant and bold and that pattern is so pretty, too. Your poor-man slicky clickie's reference cracked me up! I can't find Susan Bates circs here (go figure!), but I do love my Inox needles, which I think fall under the same mock-Addi category. ;-) It's not the tool- it's what you do with it!! So sorry to hear that negotiations aren't going well. Your Unity socks are incredible... I think you definitely should not sell your time and labor short; it take a lot of time to knit a pair of socks! (Sorry, I know that's no help in the "what would you charge" dep't. :-P) Take care, Lisa! :-)

10:14 PM  
Blogger Skiptastic said...

You changed your "about me" thing! When did you do that?

Don't charge more than they're willing to pay, and don't charge less than you think they're worth. Ha.

I'm SOOO excited to be able to quilt, quilt, quilt this weekend; no other plans really. Whoohoo!

2:04 PM  
Blogger lexa said...

Love your socks! I knit Pomatomus socks for the Knitting Olympics. I, too, didn't refer to the chart a couple of times, leading to mess ups and rip backs, but in the end I prevailed! I used a variagated Kroy sock yarn, but I would like to make a solid-color pair as well.

5:51 PM  

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