Friday, April 14, 2006

Please, Please, Mr. Postman (I think I might have some kind of a problem...)

I'm waiting for the Unity Sock Yarn to get here. Ordered it online, and instead of just twiddling my thumbs, waiting for it to arrive, I have cast on for another project (fine gauge knitting with cotton, yeauch!) and am sitting by the window like an abandoned puppy waiting for the arrival of six skeins of HOT PINK sock yarn so that I can begin the "So, Lisa, do you think you've over-offered yourself yet?" project. Then there's the sample knitting I might have on deck, and the free-lance tech editing... (Did I tell you I do that? Well, I do. Sort of.) I wonder if there's a support group out there for women who love knitting too much and the knitting that taunts them. Anyone?


Blogger candsmom said...

I'm sure there's a 12 step program or something, LOL! Just kidding. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your yarn comes in soon... take care and have a wonderful Easter, Lisa! :-)

11:00 PM  
Blogger said...

There is a program. I'm certain of it. It's run by Susan Powter & Richard Simmons. They're onto knitting now.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Skiptastic said...

Well, honey, at least you can sit by the window, you're not trapped in the bathroom. Things are looking up! When you start running down the block to meet the postman every day, then I'll worry.

9:59 AM  

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