Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sock It To Me!

Well, the Unity sock orders are in. Three pair. Oh, and would I mind having Unity in a contrasting color? Of course not. It just means redesigning the whole sock, that's all. But, anything for a good cause. And money. I likes me the green stuff. So, anyone know any good alphabet charts out there? I see a lot of Pepto Bismol Pink in my future.


Blogger candsmom said...

Yikes! Contrasting colors, too, now? Sending you lots of virtual Pepto Bismol! ;-) Just kidding. It's certainly a good cause and I know your husband's coworkers will be thrilled with the results. The green stuff is definitely good incentive, too. ;-) Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Take care, Lisa! :-)

2:15 PM  

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