Friday, May 26, 2006

Just Keep Knitting, Just Keep Knitting,

Knitting, Knitting!

Pair two of the Unity Sock Project are done!

I now feel I must tell you, I had absolutely no idea WTF I was getting myself into with this little venture! It's not as though I've never experienced SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), I mean, just look at how long my New Englands took to become a pair! (ahem. almost a year) So, why in the name of all things wool did I think that three pair of the same damn sock would be a piece of cake and not present any inertia or ambivilence on my part? Yes, my friends, I am suffering FASSS (Fifth And Sixth Sock Syndrome) I even considered doing the third pair on size 2s and cutting the stitch count back so that they would be done sooner. That whiny little perfectionist in my head ixnayed that idea. So. I cast on and have about 1/4" of ribbing done on sock #5. I'm hoping to have them done by next Friday when the union has their end of year social. We'll see.


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