Friday, August 11, 2006

Well, Now I've Gone and Done It!

Inspired by Katrina and her daughter, I entered some stuff into the Colorado State Fair. Filed the paperwork this morning, and the goods must be surrendered by next Thursday at 6:00. Up for consideration, I offered Kiri, Zoe's Tater's Cotton Cardi, and Zigzag. They each need a little attention before going under prying eyes for judgment, Zigzag needs the most help, as I have yet to weave the ends in.

The DH took this photo with me cleverly concealing most loose ends and looking quite tall. He claims he shot me from below on purpose, "like Prince." Whatever. It is currently on a bit of a time-out however, as setting the sleeves in was quite a trial. The first sleeve went in with little to no complaint, but that second sleeve. Let's just say that matching up where lines of texture meet the body to the previous sleeves points proved to be quite a challenge. Considering I've technically knit this sweater twice and that the sleeves were knit in the round, eliminating the possibility of me knitting both at the same time, on this sweater, love is the second sleeve. Truly. If I didn't love this sweater, there is NO WAY I would have taken the time to set in that second sleeve THREE TIMES!!!

In other knitting, I have been staggering along on several projects. I finished another pair of Super Secret Socks in a colorway that I love to pieces and was not able to photograph with any accuracy.
These, of course, are the soles of the socks, forbidding you to see the really cool stitch pattern on the legs. I've said before, I like me some texture, and so far, I must say, Chrissy's designs sure do deliver! These last two pair have been for the Hipknits Sock Club, but I hope they become available for individual purchase some day! (Shameless plug, or honest truth? A little from column A, but mostly column B! These are really cool socks, people!)

Work continues on the Cambridge Jacket from Summer '06 IK. This one's for the DH. I think he'll actually wear it, since it's a zippered cardigan, and I've agreed to put on some elbow patches for him. Sigh. They don't call him "The Professor" for nothing. The elbow patch plan has me wondering, however, if I shouldn't knit the sleeves in the round instead of flat so that I'm not placing the patches over a seam? Any opinions? (Okay, I know you all have opinions; any you'd care to share?)

I finished the back of my Krista Tee and should really cast on for the front, but that Fair deadline's a-loomin' and I have to reblock Kiri among other things, so we'll see if I get around to it!


Blogger mamma said...

I was unimpressed, or atleast uninspired when I saw the pattern for Zigzag in Knitty. But yours is amazing. Suddenly I'm wondering what yarn the pattern calls for. And what it would look like in blue.
I'm sure your knitting with take first place. You've got courage to take your knitting and put it up to serious scrutiny. Well done!

5:36 PM  

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