Saturday, September 02, 2006

Drama Drama Drama!

First of all, thank you all for your concern and outrage on my behalf as far as the Fair Fiasco. Sometimes, being a knitter in Pueblo is a lonely business, and it's nice that I have contact (albeit virtual) with people who know what I'm talking about and can sympathize when things go wrong. Thanks for helping me not to feel so alone!

That said, I contacted the Fair and they are moving the sweater to a laid out position and notifying the Needlework Chair about my "concerns" with the display. I get my stuff back on Wednesday, and we'll see how things block out from there. If I can't get the shoulder nipples to disappear, maybe I'll take off the neck and release the sleeves, frog down to before the damage and reknit. That wouldn't be so bad, and it would give me a chance to re-re-set the sleeves. They're still not right. That whole thing about this sweater being "art" was a bit of emotional hyperbole. Sorry. There are many things I would do differently were I to knit this one again (which I just may, someday). I'll get into it once it's home safe and I can take some photos to illustrate my points. I will be interested to see if my problems with the sweater were also points considered by the judges.

Again, sorry about all the Drama, and thank you for the kind words.


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