Friday, October 20, 2006

Be Still My Fleeting Checking Account!

Pueblo now has an honest to goodness, real life LYS! I went today with my mom and the girls (Mom's in town visiting=no blogging for me!). It is an actual yarn store! I found the perfect blues to make the DH his felted clogs and there is more I would have loved to pick up, but I can go back! It's just down the street from the Library!

So, my friends, life is good. I no longer feel quite as if I'm stuck in some dreary knitterless hole, here. (No worries, Skippy, I'm not that complacent yet, the master plan remains in effect. That goes for you, too, Lurky McLurkington. I know you're reading this, too!)

Well, more later, gotta run! Sleeve Island is calling...


Anonymous Elisabeth said...

Congrats on the yarn store! :-)
I know exactly how you feel, we just got ours last week & before that I was in knitters no man's land.

2:42 PM  

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