Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Bit Off My Game

Sorry, I seem to have dozed off there for a week or so.

Thank you to everyone who posted a comment on my last entry. It truly wasn't meant as a fishing expedition or a full out depressive rant, but Skippy "encouraged" (read: commanded) me to update lest people worry. I'm fine. And, yes, I think we can all agree that talent is skill that is seemingly effortless. So, I guess I'm a talented knitter. I can surely live with that!

I have been knitting furiously, but as it is the season of gifting and I have also committed my talents to a few work projects (ah, the invisible work projects! Someday I will be able to reveal some of them in all their glory, but until then, they must remain camera-shy) I don't have much to show for it. I made a pair of tiny pink felted clogs for my tiny SIL's birthday and felted them for her over Thanksgiving dinner. She seemed properly amazed by the whole transformation.

I completed this:

for the LYS in town. (Aren't those copper ceilings just beautiful?) It's a Vivian Hoxbro kit. I think it's called Wing Shawl 1. It could just as easily be called "Whole Lotta Garter Stitch and Stripes" It turned out well, it just wasn't the most exciting thing I've ever knit, you know?

I'm a bit off my game lately due to the fact that the school district and the teachers' union are still embroiled in contract negotiations. The current contract expires Nov 30, and if settlement isn't reached it could mean any number of bad things for the Bitter family as well as the students and teachers here in Pueblo. The whole situation just lends an extra layer of stress to this time of year.

Speaking of layers, this is what we woke up to this morning:
Yup, Pueblo has been nestled under a fresh blanket of snow. Almost feels like home, except for the myriad reasons it's not. But while I'm still here, I've been generously invited to teach some classes at the LYS. They have the basics covered, so I was thinking a finishing class would be good, any other ideas? Also, I've never actually taken a knitting class; anyone care to enlighten me as to how they are typically structured?

P.S. Blogger seems to have eaten and altered this post several times, including adding a bunch of stuff about saliva and urine. If anyone out there was subjected to that, I apologize.


Anonymous Kat with a K said...

The shawl looks great! And I'm jealous of your snow... I'm in New Hampshire, for goodness sake! I want snow!

11:37 AM  

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