Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You Might Think

You might think, from my extended absence (if, of course, you notice such things), that I have had my nose to the needles and somehow managed to finish all those gifts I had planned without inadvertently igniting them with the sheer speed of my needles.

You might think that with all those projects, I would have photos of either the projects themselves, or the happy recipients with their new, treasured handknits.

Alas, you would be wrong on both counts. Oddly enough, the only gift that was actually completed and gifted within the holiday window was the pair of felted clogs I decided to make for my "little" BIL. You'll notice the DH's clogs' progress seems to have taken a negative turn. Having finished the clogs intended for the DH, I then attempted to felt them in my MIL's washing machine. They stubbornly refused to shrink beyond a certain point (water softener salt maybe?) and were therefore gifted to the BIL's larger feet. In front of the DH. The DH who visibly pouted at the thought of all that promised cuddly warmth being bestowed on his brother instead of him. I immediately cast on for the DH's new pair, but due to the fact that I was cornered by a well-intentioned yet full of unsolicited advice relative while attempting to knit, my stitch count is off and I must rectify it before proceeding, and though it is a fun pattern, I'm just not up to it this instant.

Mrs. Feezy got one Log Cabin Sock. Perhaps she will get the other by her birthday. (I can still delude myself, can't I?)

Skippy got a preview of her scarf, which is now officially 1/2 done.

My mother ended up finishing the Oddball Golf Club Cover. She needed some mindless knitting, and that fit the bill. For her gift, I gave her sock yarn and the Susan Bates sock needle set.

Currently, I am up to this:

Those of you who know me rather well are now thinking, "WTF?" and well you should be. Yes, I am making an illusion scarf with hearts on it that I designed myself. (there are so many things "wrong" about that last statement that I need to take a moment....there... I'm better now...)
I'm teaching a class on Shadow Knitting, Illusion Knitting, whatever you want to call it, and the class is in late Jan., so... what better project than something for February? I have passed the 1/2-way mark on this now, so the end is in sight.

In non-knitting news, I got together with a long lost friend over this break, and it was really great to see her again. Also, the DH and I, after years of pining, are really honestly looking to move back to MN this year. For me, this also means a return to the workforce. This is kind of a scary prospect for me, to be honest. Exciting, yes, but also a bit daunting. I've been "out of teaching" for longer than I was "in" it. Hopefully the classes I'm teaching at the LYS will help me remember that I really can teach. Any advice or confidence-building from the peanut gallery would be greatly appreciated.

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