Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tale of Woe/Tales of Whoa!

First, the tale of woe... I fmelted my Rogue. Fmelted because it was knit from Encore Worsted and it seems that it inadvertently got put in the dryer on High. It shrunk ever so slightly, and is currently covered in an inextricable veil of matty fuzz. Best I can tell is that the wool content felted and the acrylic just said, "Be my guest!" Sigh. At least it was a fun knit, and there were some issues I was too lazy to fix that I will make better when I make the new one. Yes, I will be making a new Rogue, since I have found it to be a very wearable sweater. This time I'll be knitting it in 22o, which I just so happen to have enough of, purchased to make the Sunrise Circle Jacket. Eh, I'd rather have Rogue right now.

Tale of Whoa #1: While working on the Succulent Socks (almost done!), I was using my Inox dpns, which were not so pointy as I usually like, but I was doing alright until, struggling to pull a stitch through one of the decreases, something slipped and my working needle dropped the 13 already worked stitches! After I got everything back where it belonged, I immediately switched over to the oh-so-pointy-they-might-just-attack-you KnitPicks dpns. Oh, so much better for socky lace!

Tale of Whoa #2: My dear friend (and LYS owner) Emily got me Blocking Wires! I couldn't wait to try them out, and so I reblocked my grandmother's shawl. Last time I used thread, but since this shawl requires rather, um, agressive blocking? I still ended up with weird peaks along the top edge in my attempt to prevent it from coming out U shaped. So, per Emily's request, here are some pics of the wires in action:

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Blogger Acornbud said...

OMG, so sorry to hear about Rogue! Glad to hear you have the yarn for a new and better on. The shawl is simply beautiful. Those wires look well worth having for the lace. I love my knitpicks needles for those very sharp pointy points:)

11:55 PM  
Blogger msubulldog said...

Yikes--sorry to hear about the demise of Rogue. But great word coinage--fmelting--ha,ha,ha! :)
Gorgeous shawl.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Felicia said...

I've been on the fence for quite awhile about buying blocking wires. I do okay with pins, as well as the Russian thread method. We've got a lot of white carpeting in the big areas of our house, so I don't dare try to block anything on the floor (fear of color bleed!) I block 99% of my stuff on the wall. Hummn. I wonder how well the wires would work, hanging from the wall? Your lace looks great, and you're making me think I might just need to jump off the fence and buy some!

9:37 PM  

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