Friday, August 10, 2007

Not Much, You?

As in, not much left around here to get rid of, and not much left to pack for a while.

So, where's the knitting, you ask?

1. The Ghost of Christmas Past
Those of you with looooong memories will recognize this as Skippy's Christmas scarf. The one that I finished half of in time for gift exchanging. I'm finally getting this monkey off my back and cranking out the second half. It was Skippy, after all, who deemed 2007 the Year of the UFO.

2. The BFD (as in "Big F---- Doily" big fancy doily, get your mind out of the gutter, potty mouth! )
Mommes Lysedug. This is another knit for Skippy. Skippy has a lot of lovely older furniture on which a doily would look right at home. This doily, however, may find itself more at home as a cozy for Delaware. It just keeps getting bigger. Funny how that works, eh? You knit more rounds on and the thing gets bigger. Genius.

3. I Swear, it's Not What You Think!
Unless, of course, you were just benignly thinking, "Oh, it's a Baby Surprise Jacket!" Because that, it is. It is not, however, an announcement as to why, other than the move, things have gotten so quiet around here. In other words, it's a gift. For Mrs. Feezy. (Yeah, Feezys!)

4. Separated At Birth?
You be the judge. Here is Hugh's sock hanging out with my terrible reenactment (not a judgment, that, I just think terrible reenactment sounds more exciting than historical recreation).

I think we may have a pattern by mid-September!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Skippy is going to be so happy to get her scarf! She's been dreaming about it for months now. Yep, that's what she told me. That baby jacket is so darn cute! I can hardly wait to squeeze the hairy, big headed, one pretty eye Dorcas Hermione/Seamus Oral into it. When I looked at the jacket Dorcas/Seamus kicked with much excitement!

~Mrs. Feezy

5:45 PM  

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