Friday, July 28, 2006


That is all.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who's That For?

Today, I was called to the carpet by my orange lovin' daughter. It was naptime, and I was knitting on a sweater for the DH when my lovely sugarface of an Ilsa asked, "Where's my orange cardigan?" I answered that I was still working on it (by working on it, I really meant that I had stuffed it into my project bag hoping it would somehow finish itself. No such luck.) She reminded me that I had finished "Kissy Gadinew's socks" and asked who the object in my hands was for. Knowing full well that I had a lot of 'splainin' to do since it was not a work project, I assured her that if she would just go to sleep, I would work on that orange cardigan. "So, it'll be ready for me when I get up?" Not exactly, but it now has about 3/4 of a sleeve. (I got some more done sitting up to watch Project Runway)
I did finish some Super Secret Socks for Chrissy Gardiner.As you can see from the photo, they go all the way to one's toes. Can't say much more without revealing too much, but I will say that it's a fun pattern and certainly kept me occupied while on vacation.

On my vacation, I was lucky enough to re-familiarize myself to the concept of the LYS. I made visits, I made purchases. There are felted clogs in my family's future:The greens are for me, the orange and grass green are for the girls.
There are also some socks in the near future. The (rather obnoxious) Meilenweit self patterning are for the DH, who chose the yarn for his very own self. The rest shall be mine. Oh, yes. They shall be mine!
And then there's the evidence of the stirrings of a serious problem: I bought this purse so that I could carry a small project with me when I go out (which I rarely, if ever, do without the girls, who kind of need to be watched, don't they?) So, I'm back to being a big purse gal, even though if it weren't for knitting, I really wouldn't have much to tote around anymore.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

1) The phrase "running through the sprinkler" can mean two very different things.(Note how the position of DD1 remains constant. She just stood there letting the water slap her in the face. Occasionally, she would call over her shoulder, "Mom? I'm gettin' all wet!" Apparently, this was "good times" for her)

2) "Peeling corn" is serious business. Eating said corn, however, is optional.

3) Wedding cake should always be eaten with a knife and fork.

4) Swimming with Uncle "The Boy" is terrific fun.

5) As is fishing with Grandma. (Many many sunfish caught and released on the Barbie fishing poles that day.)

And finally 6) Just because you've been trapped in a car for 16 hours with your family doesn't mean you can't accessorize and have a good time.
Today's lessons were brought to you by Zoe and Ilsa. Mom has been knitting, we swear! She even went to LYSes and bought yarn. We'll make sure she fills you in. Eventually.

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