Monday, February 26, 2007

Coming Up for Air

Well, the set-in-stone-do-or-die deadline has been met, and now I have a couple more projects that need doing, but they have much friendlier time constraints, and they are things I can actually show you! I'm working up a couple of solid colored sock samples for Gardiner Yarn Works. As I look at what I've got done so far, I really think these will help sell the patterns. Chrissy really does come up with some gorgeous stuff, and I think the solid yarn will really highlight that. For instance, wouldn't you love to knit this:

(front) (back)
I get to, and the sooner I finish it, the sooner the pattern Succulent Socks will be available here. Note that I'm actually using DPN's again for the first time in about a year. I just needed to prove to myself I still could, and now I can't remember why exactly I was avoiding them. Silly.

Stuff for the shop is progressing nicely as well. The curlicue is about 1/3 done and I brought home some SWS to knit up a little Edgar, which should be done later today.

As for selfish knitting, the Klapotis is nearing completion of the increase rows, I have worked through the entire color progression in this colorway and so far found only one knot, which was easy enough to untie and spit-splice. And yes, the blue really is that electric. It makes me smile!

My finishing class went very well. I had great students who were eager to learn, and I think I sent them away with enough new knowledge to allow them to finish a project without fear, so that's good. Now, to figure out what to teach the cabling class!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Me and My Demands...

But really, is a little good news too much to ask?

There is an envelope on the kitchen counter.
It is addressed to the DH.
It is from the people he recently applied to.


ETA: The rejection letter included a nice, handwritten Post-It that they are considering him for another position. The finger-crossing continues...

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Sunday, February 18, 2007


I admit it... I am weak.

In many senses of the word.

Can you really blame me, though?

Meet Noro Kureyon Color #40. Current occupation: taunting me in my own home.
Final destination: Clapotis junction.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bisy Backson

No real time to blog right now. I'm busy.

Busy waiting to hear back on the DH's job application.

Busy knitting to meet an impending (seemingly impossible, but don't worry, Chrissy) deadline.

Busy calming knock-down, drag-out, screaming tantrums.

Busy convincing myself that I don't want to knit a Clapotis from the Kureyon that's been taunting me at the shop (I mean, six skeins, sitting there all in the same dye lot and the intense saturated blue? Give me a break! you'll probably see pictures when I'm back)

Busy trying to figure out just how to structure my Finishing Techniques class this Saturday.

Busy hoping my students bring lots of questions.

I'll be back soon, but, as you can see, there's a lot on my plate at present.

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Friday, February 09, 2007


If you sit down and talk to me for long enough, you will be regaled with tales of my desire to return to Minnesota. Yes, I've been pining for the land of 10,000 lakes almost since the day we left, almost 5 years ago. Life in Colorado has brought some great things into our life, don't get me wrong (two beautiful children come to mind), it's just that we are so very far away from family and (until recently) all of my friends (hi, Emily!).

This summer, upon preparing to again leave Minnesota after an extended visit, grand schemes were hatched, bold declarations were made, and grit was steeled. This will be the year. We will come home. If only it were that easy. If only deciding on a thing could make it so.

The DH has applied for a job in Minnesota, a job I know he can do, and in a field he is beyond passionate about. Now, we wait. We wait, and worry, and wish. I just want to be home.

Sorry for the mope, but any positive thoughts, vibes, whatever, would be welcome and appreciated.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For Once!

For once, I have a gift knit completed well ahead of schedule!

Swallowtail Shawl, by Evelyn Clark
Yarn: Misti Alpaca laceweight
Needles: US 4's

This was the first triangular lace shawl I've knit that uses more than one lace pattern. The nupps were far easier to work in the alpaca than in the mohair I used for the Estonian Garden Lace scarf. This was knit as a gift for my grandmother's upcoming 90th birthday in March. It is small, weighs practically nothing, and is really quite lovely, so I deemed it an appropriate shawl for a little old lady (who would be mortified if she learned that I had referred to her as such!). I'm gifting it with the offer of lifetime laundering and blocking services. I only hope to have the favor called in for many years to come!

The DH is wearing his Cambridge Jacket again! I guess for once I picked a winner with this one! He is also excited at the prospect of adding Avast to his wardrobe, so I'd best get swatching for that soon.

Glancing at the sidebar, we can see that the Year of the UFO is progressing quite well, with far more filled progress bars than not. I think I'll keep them all up there until they are all filled up. Kind of adds some color.

In the biggest knitting news chez Bitter, Ilsa knit five stitches this weekend! All by herself! I'm so proud. That girl is getting her own needles for her fourth birthday, that's all there is to it!

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Friday, February 02, 2007

You Learn Something New Every Day!

Like the fact that manatees have fingernails and prehensile snouts! (Thanks, LeVar! You didn't think I was actually researching aquatic mammals, did you?) I also learned just yesterday how to cable without a cable needle! I practiced my new skill on this:

and, I must say, the cabling I did for this was neater and I had to invest far less effort to avoid gaps than when I've used a cable needle. I also decided to practice combined knitting on this swatch. Fun! I may just have to compose a little love letter to Annie Modesitt.

More later. There are some other (non-knitting) things brewing here chez Bitter.

Oh, and the final count for Sweaterwatch 2007? Five. Consecutive. Days. Next up for the DH? Perhaps Avast? Any thoughts?

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