Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So Long, Crack-Soaked Kitten!

Although I shall always love you, the time has come for you to move on and tempt others!

The Estonian Garden Lace Scarf is now blocked, dry, and ready to take up residence at the shop! I hope many things for this little scarf, not the least of which is that it sells yarn and gets people interested in lace!

I think it turned out quite nicely.

I also finished the 4 Corners Dishcloth. It was a really quick knit and is quite effective in showing off the variegated colors. Might have to file it away for future use!

In sweaterwatch 2007 news, the DH wore his Cambridge Jacket again today! Any other good patterns for zippered cardigans for men out there? I think I've found his niche!

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Monday, January 29, 2007


So, I finished Dishcloth #1:
I'm pretty sure you all know the pattern by now, I know I do! For the other dishcloth, I decided to shake things up a bit and try out the 4 Corners Dishcloth, which, I must say, is going exponentially faster than the Garterlac. Shortrows are simply faster than picking up stitches, especially since I seem to have developed a fondness for tight-gauge dishcloths (more "squish-factor" I guess!)

The shortrows seem to be contagious, as I started a new sample for the shop, the Curlicue
Coverlet by Oat Couture. More shortrow shaping fun!

The Estonian Lace Garden scarf is currently soaking, awaiting blocking as soon as I finish this post! I'll post post-blocking photos when it's dry!

In other news, the DH has yet to take off the Cambridge Jacket unless he's sleeping, showering or sauteeing onions, so I think that qualifies as a hit.

In other other news, I know that Skippy and Mrs. Feezy are probably reading this, Mrs. Feezy clutching her solitary Log Cabin sock, and thinking, "Great! More projects! When are you gonna finish our stuff?" A valid question which will be addressed just as soon as I conquer the second battle of the nupps (the Swallowtail shawl for my grandma's 90th birthday) She's 90, alright? Cut me some slack, Feezy!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Houston, We Have a Sweater

Another FO!

Pattern: Cambridge Jacket by Ann Budd
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 7's

The DH will be so happy this thing is finally ready to wear. I put off the crocheting around the edges for a good long while (turns out, it wasn't so bad) and then there was the zipper. Oy. That put a whole new level on my procrastination! Again, it wasn't so bad, and didn't really take all that long to do. Now, we'll see if I can pry it off him to take in to the shop to show off at the next Knit Nite! Merry Christmas, honey!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nupp It Up, Buttercup!

I think I'm winning.

The little hairballs aren't half bad. It's slow going, but I think it's paying off!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I Feel Almost Famous!

I forgot to mention... My first ever knitting for pay has hit the newsstands! Ta-daaa! I knit that with my own two hands! Of course, my deepest gratitude goes out to Chrissy Gardiner for taking a chance on someone she's (still) never met! Gotta love the internets!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Just Can't Help Myself!

I can't seem to put this stuff (Madil Kid Seta) down! It's like knitting a little cloud, or a kitten (without the pesky allergies). Soft, warm, and light as a feather. This is going to be a sample for the shop, and I'm almost done already! (I cast on last Thursday night at Knit Nite) Almost wish I'd said I'd do the wrap instead of the scarf! The borders feature Lily of the Valley. Wish me luck on working all those nupps in sticky mohair!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Now, Where Did I Put That Marching Band?

Because Zoe's Green Sweater is done! Yes, the sweater so nice I knit it thrice!

Pattern: Tater's Cotton Cardi by Marie Grace Smith
Yarn: Sinfonia Cotton
Needles: US 4

She loves it and, commendably, has forgotten all about how achingly long it took me to finish this thing already! (Work kept getting in the way, alas!)

I love a happy ending (and also, apparently, I love psychedelic pumpkins!)

So, there's one more for the FO column. (And yes, Mrs. Feezy, I know your foot is cold! All in good time, my friend!)

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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Parade Continues

You didn't really think that was all, did you? In the interest of full disclosure, the cavalcade of UFO's continues! Next up: The DH's felted clogs version 2.0. As you see, clog #1 is nearly done, it's just that it's 2 sts off, which I feel compelled to remedy before moving on (not so compelled that I've actually attempted said remedy, but you know how that goes, paralyzed by perfectionism).

Next, of course, is the Garterlac Dishcloths I intended as gifts for a couple of friends over the holidays. (yeah, lovely state they're in!)

In a similar state is the pair of Cigar Gloves the DH asked me to make for his friend who took care of the house over the holidays.

Not pictured, but equally unfinished are: The DH's Cambridge Jacket (which is really pitifully near completion), Log Cabin Sock #2, and the second half of the Backyard Leaves scarf.

Lest you think that knitting is the only thing I can't seem to finish lately, here is a horse of a different color: Behold, 1/2 painted chair #1, and completely unpainted chair #2. Oy! I need to get my act together!

Oh! And here's the lovely Kid Seta I get to knit the Estonian Lace Garden scarf out of! Mmmm!

And for anyone who was still wondering, the counter wasn't broken, per se. My ability to follow directions seems to have suffered a bit of late, and I inserted the wrong code, thereby allowing Blogger to remove it, and rendering the counter out of order. Yeah, me and my "incredible attention to detail." Not so much with the tech-savvy stuff, I guess!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

What Was That About the Hearts, Again?

Well, the scarf is done. I think it turned out kinda cute, after all. Hopefully, it will lure people into taking my class. We'll see.

I think I went a little overboard cutting fringe. This is my "leftover pile."

A bit much, no? I figure I can donate it to a student in need, provided they choose the same colors for their scarf.

And now, for Agent Mulder's dream come true.
I have more UFO's than Roswell hanging out here, so I thought I'd share some photos. I'll post updates as they get finished up. Skippy claims the "Year of the Unfinished Project" has wiggle room, but I know myself enough to know that I mustn't cast on for any more personal projects until these (and others, see sidebar for full disclosure) are out of my hair.

Exhibit A: Zoe's green sweater. This sweater was first mentioned August 24, was cast on for sometime in November, and has been languishing, sleeveless, for quite some time.
Since snapping this photo, I have completed one sleeve and knit about 1 1/2 inches on the second sleeve.

Exhibit B: Icarus. I'm still on the stockinette columns, and so have a tendency to get a bit bored with this one, dreaming of the day I'll have to yet again pick up the chart.

Exhibit C: Socks for Zoe. These are a "guilt knit" borne of my seeming inability to get the green sweater done, already, and Zoe's simple request at one of the LYSes I dragged her to over vacation to, "knit me some socks, Momma." Heel #1 has been turned. I am lucky she is fond of short socks.

Exhibit D: Swallowtail Shawl for my grandmother. I am 3 repeats shy of switching over to the Lily of the Valley charts. And the nupps. Yup. Glad I have those sharp Knitpicks needles!

I might have made more progress on these today except for one very exciting thing: I went to work today! I am helping out on Saturdays at the LYS. I had a blast, and picked up another shop sample project to do. The Estonian Garden Lace Wrap (scarf version). More lace! Woo hoo!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

10 (knitting) Things About Me

  1. I don't like bobbles. I think they look nipply and sad.
  2. I don't like textured yarn. I think that my stash reflects that immeasurably.
  3. I never buy yarn, "just because." I always have a project in mind before I buy.
  4. Except sock yarn. That kind of follows me home.
  5. I find knitting lace soothing.
  6. I find blocking lace beyond soothing. Sometimes I knit lace just so I can block it when I'm feeling crummy.
  7. I don't like hearts. Despite this fact, of the three items I have designed and knit, two of them featured hearts.
  8. I like a lot of fiddle farting around in my knitting. If it's "mindless" why bother?
  9. I will knit anything from anything for a friend (there are a lot of eyelash hats floating around out there that illustrate my point beautifully!).
  10. I learned to knit on circulars, and to this day, I don't really see the point of straight needles.
There. For what it's worth, I thought this would be fun. I think I stole this meme from Grumperina. I hereby tag anyone who comes across this. Let me know if you do it, 'cause I'm nosy that way!


One-Hit Wonder

So, I installed a hit-counter on the blog, more out of curiosity than anything else, and in the last three days, I have had one hit. One. Uno. And I'm pretty sure that one hit was me. I know that Skippy and Mrs. Feezy are busy with tax season and all, but... The whole thing is just kind of depressing. Although it does account for the rather underwhelming response to my last post. It's not that people don't care to comment, it would appear that they just don't care to drop by anymore. In all fairness, I have been a very bad blogger of late, and, even at my best, I'm rarely enthralling, so. I'll just sit here in my little corner of the internet, doin' my thing and try not to get all hung up about it. It just feels a little lonely here.

The heart scarf is done. It needs fringe. I'd ask what a good length for fringe would be, but (see first paragraph)...

Skippy has declared 2007 The Year of the Unfinished Project. I'm inclined to join her. Looking at my WIP's on the sidebar tells me that I have quite a lot of knitting to keep me busy. Once I get all that cleared off the plate, perhaps I will knit something for myself. It's been a while. Perhaps deciding what that something will be will give me a boost of motivation to finish up the UFO's. Currently in the stash I have yarn for:
  1. Sunrise Circle Jacket by Kate Gilbert
  2. Union Square Market Pullover by Kate Gilbert
  3. Weekend Pullover by Veronik Avery
  4. Pearl Buck Swing Jacket by Kate Gilbert
  5. Essential Indulgence by Leslie Scanlon
Any opinions?

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You Might Think

You might think, from my extended absence (if, of course, you notice such things), that I have had my nose to the needles and somehow managed to finish all those gifts I had planned without inadvertently igniting them with the sheer speed of my needles.

You might think that with all those projects, I would have photos of either the projects themselves, or the happy recipients with their new, treasured handknits.

Alas, you would be wrong on both counts. Oddly enough, the only gift that was actually completed and gifted within the holiday window was the pair of felted clogs I decided to make for my "little" BIL. You'll notice the DH's clogs' progress seems to have taken a negative turn. Having finished the clogs intended for the DH, I then attempted to felt them in my MIL's washing machine. They stubbornly refused to shrink beyond a certain point (water softener salt maybe?) and were therefore gifted to the BIL's larger feet. In front of the DH. The DH who visibly pouted at the thought of all that promised cuddly warmth being bestowed on his brother instead of him. I immediately cast on for the DH's new pair, but due to the fact that I was cornered by a well-intentioned yet full of unsolicited advice relative while attempting to knit, my stitch count is off and I must rectify it before proceeding, and though it is a fun pattern, I'm just not up to it this instant.

Mrs. Feezy got one Log Cabin Sock. Perhaps she will get the other by her birthday. (I can still delude myself, can't I?)

Skippy got a preview of her scarf, which is now officially 1/2 done.

My mother ended up finishing the Oddball Golf Club Cover. She needed some mindless knitting, and that fit the bill. For her gift, I gave her sock yarn and the Susan Bates sock needle set.

Currently, I am up to this:

Those of you who know me rather well are now thinking, "WTF?" and well you should be. Yes, I am making an illusion scarf with hearts on it that I designed myself. (there are so many things "wrong" about that last statement that I need to take a moment....there... I'm better now...)
I'm teaching a class on Shadow Knitting, Illusion Knitting, whatever you want to call it, and the class is in late Jan., so... what better project than something for February? I have passed the 1/2-way mark on this now, so the end is in sight.

In non-knitting news, I got together with a long lost friend over this break, and it was really great to see her again. Also, the DH and I, after years of pining, are really honestly looking to move back to MN this year. For me, this also means a return to the workforce. This is kind of a scary prospect for me, to be honest. Exciting, yes, but also a bit daunting. I've been "out of teaching" for longer than I was "in" it. Hopefully the classes I'm teaching at the LYS will help me remember that I really can teach. Any advice or confidence-building from the peanut gallery would be greatly appreciated.

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