Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's Dark in Here

I remember when I started this blog. I was feeling alone, isolated and frustrated. I believe the first few posts were mainly rants about yarn snobs or people that made me feel excluded. Eventually my posts evolved; there were more pictures, stories. It was kind of a fun place to stop by.
Then life kind of got in the way. We moved, I didn't have a job, then I had a job, then the DH didn't have a job, then he had a temp job, then I didn't have a job, then I got another job, and the DH got one, too.
And I'm sitting here, and I'm feeling alone, frustrated and isolated. There's stuff going on. Not great stuff. Stuff that makes a person feel alone. I'm pretty sure no one stops by this little corner of the internet anymore, so maybe, just maybe, now that I've dusted off my username and password, maybe I'll post about it. Maybe.
But not today. Today, it's just dark in here.

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